Brockton Approves Zoning Rules For 8 Recreational Marijuana Shops

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BROCKTON, MA — The city council on Monday voted to finalize zoning ordinances for recreational marijuana retail shops in Brockton.

Brockton’s city council approved the state’s recommended buffer zone, which keeps dispensary from opening within 500 feet of a school or youth facility. This was the final act, which officially ended the recreational marijuana moratorium in the city.

Applicants that want to open recreational facilities in Brockton can now go to the state Cannabis Control Commission for approval, a process which takes several months. The city is allowing up to eight retail facilities in Brockton, the Brockton Enterprise reported. The new zoning ordinance allows two pot shops in the downtown district. The other six are limited to other business districts throughout the city.

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Medical marijuana (MMJ) has been legal for certified patients in Massachusetts since 2012. However, with only a handful of cannabis dispensaries operating throughout the state, it has proven to be problematic for thousands of MMJ patients to safely and efficiently obtain their medication. The limited options can make it especially difficult for certain folks to purchase their cannabis when they need it, such as the elderly, those with limited mobility, or simply people that live far from the nearest dispensary. But now, the state’s medical marijuana program has taken convenience to the next level. As of April 3rd, 2017,

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Marijuana Dispensaries in Brockton

Slowly but surely, recreational marijuana dispensaries are sprouting up all across Massachusetts.

Following the first legal adult-use sales last November, the Cannabis Control Commission has continued to approve new pot shops on a rolling basis.

Here’s a list of the 51 dispensaries currently open in Massachusetts and the shops coming through the pipeline. Make sure to check a dispensary’s website for parking information and payment options before paying a visit.